Why laravel is worth it? (Based to my experience)

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Laravel is a web application framework with a syntax that is both expressive and beautiful. Laravel aims to make development easier by simplifying basic tasks seen in the majority of online applications, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Laravel strives to make the development process enjoyable for developers while maintaining application functionality. The finest code is written by happy developers. To that aim, we've sought to integrate the best of what we've seen in other web frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and Sinatra, as well as frameworks written in other languages. Laravel is simple to use yet powerful, with strong capabilities for building big complex applications. A fantastic inversion of control container, an expressive migration system, and tightly integrated unit testing support offer you all the tools you need to develop any application.

When you utilize the Laravel framework for web development, you get rid of a lot of the tension that comes with coding. This PHP framework's code style is incredibly simple to understand and highly expressive. The Laravel framework for eCommerce may be used to create any type of website. It provides Laravel developers with a tremendous deal of liberty, independence, and flexibility. The popularity of Laravel's blade template engine as an integrated lightweight template engine is one of the main reasons for its great relevance in web development. It's simple to create layouts that employ dynamic content seeding with this engine. Laravel has become the preferred framework for developers because to its support for MVC design. The overall speed of this PHP framework has increased as a result of this, since it now has more capabilities and better documentation. The MVC design aids in improving the code execution process.

Laravel is regarded as one of the most cutting-edge authentication solutions available. Unauthorized access is impossible to gain access to any requests or searches that have been sent. The framework has measures in place to guard against both CSRF and XSS, such as specific CSRF filters that capture requests from unknown sources. The platforms created with this framework are simple to interface with other key systems, which enhances productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Laravel enables you to integrate a variety of payment methods, marketing automation tools, analytics tools, and other systems that your business utilizes on a regular basis. You may use Laravel's large error and exception handling library, as well as the Monolog logging library, which is already setup for each new Laravel-based project. The Monolog logging library supports a wide range of sophisticated log handlers. The Laravel framework and phpunit already have support for PHPUnit testing. The application's XML file is already set up. It enables users to simulate very basic user activity, such as making requests to the program and inspecting the results, such as clicking links, filling out forms, and so on.

Management of database migrations, authentication and authorization, publishing of package assets, starting the Laravel development server, establishing scaffoldings for a variety of front-end frameworks, seeding records into a database, and generation of code for new controllers, models, and migrations are just a few of Artisan's common use cases. Developers may interact with database objects and relationships using this ORM's elegant and expressive syntax. Although simple PHP syntax may be used to maintain fluid interaction with app database objects without having to create long SQL queries, it also works brilliantly with PostgreSQL and MySQL. As a result, it's much easier to see why developers prefer Laravel to other accessible alternatives. Laravel not only has a robust set of capabilities, but it also has a vibrant community that is helpful when it comes to customizing web apps to meet client needs.

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