How to upload large video file easily 3GB max file size?


Entertainment industry is a big impact of economy, because when people are sad they want to be happy and they finding something that make them happy. Many content creators around the world that earning much money by creating videos and monetize it, and they grab the opportunity in pandemic, because people are quarantine and always inside the house. Students are making video for their subjects to pass, but what website that you can upload large video file?.

I found the fastvideoplay website that accept upto 3GB video file in single upload, it can helps other people sharing large video files for free. It's so very fast to upload a video file, after you the video uploaded, it will give you a link to share and link to delete. Streaming a video in website is fast and I recommend this website for all people.

You are not require to make account in their website, which is I like, because sometimes we need to finish immediately the tasks. Your videos and shareable link is not in public, it depends on you if you want to share in social media like facebook. They are using a premium dns which can help a lot in a website speed and security against invaders.

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